Baby Baptism Outfit: Who Should Buy It?

by Mark Jacobovits
Baby Baptism Outfit: Who Should Buy It?

The baptism outfit – usually a white gown or clothing set – is typically either passed down in a family or bought by the godparents of the child.

Unsure who should get the baptism gown for your baby? Here’s what you need to know.

Who Buys the Baptism Outfit?

Some families will opt to use an heirloom baptism outfit that has been passed down through their family. If this is the case, then no one technically “buys” the outfit, but the child’s family may be responsible for its upkeep and restoring after the ceremony.

If the outfit is to be new, then, in most Christian traditions, especially Roman Catholic, it is expected that the godparents of the child will buy the baptism outfit. Godparents are appointed by the parents as a secondary source of religious instruction and guidance; they are tasked with making sure the child is brought up in the faith.

On top of giving the baptism outfit, godparents may give a silver gift – traditionally a spoon or rattle, but more modern gifts include jewelry to be worn later and photo frames. Silver is thought to mean a wish of prosperity and happiness.

Appropriate Baptism Outfits

Baptism outfits are traditionally white as a sign of the purity and cleanliness brought to the child during the ceremony.

Originally, both boys and girls would wear a long gown, which could be wrapped around them as if to be wrapped in God’s love. Now, though, the range of baptism outfits has changed.

There are onesies and pants set for convenience, as well as many fashionable cuts and styles available.  You can find many different styles of baptism outfits, gowns, and dresses right here on Carriage Boutique.

If you are tasked with buying the baptism or christening outfit, consult the family for their preferences for their child, and use your best judgement to choose a piece or set of pieces that reflect their connection to their faith and the family’s overall style.


Baptism is a special celebration in a child’s life, and their baptism outfit is a big part of it! Whether it’s just for the ceremony and pictures or your child is going to wear it all day long, it’s a piece you’re going to remember for many years to come, so its selection is incredibly important.

Want to find the perfect baptism outfit? Head over to our Christening & Baptism outfit section to see a wide range of adorable styles for any baptism including christening long outfits, christening short sets, christening rompers, christening dresses, and christening gowns.  

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