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About Us

We're Mom's.  We Get it.
It's true, getting our kids dressed up when we know they are going to get dirty almost seems like a moot point. If we as mom's have anything in common it's that we like to see our kids all dressed up.  Perhaps if it's just for a moment...Grandma is coming, Holidays are here or maybe its just for one nice family picture.
Dressy Boys Clothing is Carriage Boutique's specialty.  We realize that the stores are filled with playwear and so few options of dressy boys wear.  Welcome to P&P a fine collection of beautiful washable fabrics and tasteful finishing touches that go remembered on that fine looking kid!  
Yours Truly,
The Mom's of Carriage Boutique
A Bit More On Our Brand:
Carriage Boutique specializes in uniquely designed children’s apparel. Our products are competitively priced so that the average family can afford them. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers by providing excellent customer service. To help that goal we recently moved to a new state- of-the- art building in New Jersey. Today our products can be found in over 1400 stores and we look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers.
In 1962, Irene Friedman and her son Leo saw an opportunity to import fine quality children’s apparel to the United states of America. Together they started Friedknit Creations. After a few years of growth the company started its own manufacturing with one goal in mind, to provide the consumer with finely made garments at a price the average family could afford. As the company grew it became evident that larger facilities were needed, therefore they moved the manufacturing to the Philippines. With these new facilities they expanded into fine smocked woven wear in addition to the fine knit wear that the company was already famous for. Today we are proud to be in our third generation of making beautifully designed and well-made children’s apparel.

Company Timeline:

1962 Carriage Boutique is founded by Irene Friedman and her son Leo

1972 HQ moved to the Children’s Apparel Center in N.Y.

1990 Mark, Leo’s son-in-law, hired as sales manager

1995 Expanded with purchase of Feltman Bros.

2003 Boutique Collection is launched

2007 Third line is added with the purchase of P & P

2011 Two divisions are created, Imagewear and Feltman Bros, to serve our growing customer base

2016 Julius Berger added to the Imagewear Family. With the retirement of John and Kathy Hargis, Imagewear acquired the famous Julius Berger line of sweaters manufactured here in the United States.  


Our Team:

Mark Jacobovits, President

Brenda Brioso, Directer of Production

Eve Cantor, Sales Support