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Q: What is hand smocking?

Smocking is a design technique used to control the fullness in a fabric, with beautiful embroidery stitches and enables it to stretch. To smock, regular gathers or pleats are taken on the fabric with long stitches on the back and very small stitches in the front. It is a little bit more difficult to do than other embroidery work, but the effort is worth it. 

Q: Should I chose a gown or a romper for my baby boys christening?

A christening is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion for a baby and choosing the wardrobe is always a memorable time. There is no correct way of choosing this it is merely a personal preference which is influenced by several determining factors. Traditionally, boys and girls wore christening gowns. If you are following that tradition, you can choose a more simple, casual style for a boy's gown. Modern families often choose a boys' romper or suit rather than the traditional gown. Romper style suits can be a bit more comfortable for babies as opposed to gowns with lots of lace and starched fabric. A christening romper may make more sense if you baby is crawling. Before deciding on what to dress you baby in, remember to check with the church where your baby will be baptized. The church may have some guidelines that they would like you to follow. 

Q: How to store a christening?

A Christening gown makes a wonderful heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation, however it must be put away properly to avoid damage. First have the item cleaned or hand washed as directed on the clothing tag. Once the gown is completely dry, stuff it with clean tissue paper this will help prevent hard creases that can weaken the fabric. Place the christening outfit in a cotton garment bag so that it can breathe. Store the christening gown in a dark, cool, dry place. When you wish to use your treasured gown, remove it from the storage and air it out for several days. You may need to steam the item to remove wrinkles; iron only as a last resort, and only on a very low setting.

Q: What should a baby wear for Easter?

Whether you’re heading to church, attending a party or hanging out at home, you’ll want to put your baby in some form of their Sunday best to celebrate the special holiday. That could mean a sweet, floral dress or a bunny-patterned bodysuit. With unpredictable spring weather and ever-changing trends, it's hard to predict your best choice but pink and purple  floral flowers and bunny motifs with Easter eggs is always a safe bet.

Q: Is there a special outfit to be worn at a Jewish Bris Ceremony?

The circumcision ceremony is a very meaningful life passage, and as part of our expression of joy in the fulfillment of this commandment, we groom and dress the baby boy. He should be dressed in fine elegant clothing. The color white is the traditional color as it symbolizes purity, however there is no commanded color. The one performing the circumcision will request to have the baby in an outfit that easily opens from the bottom and will stay on at the top. For this reason, we created many 2-piece Bris outfit options. We also do have one pieces that are easy to unclothe during the actual circumcision. Babies this age also get cold so easily, and so we designed coordinating blankets and hats.

Q: Where can I get an outfit monogrammed?

Adding a monogram is the perfect way to make something more special, thoughtful and unique. The options for monogramming are endless. Find your local monogram or gift store and see what they have to offer!


Q: Do boys wear bonnets?

The fact is every baby needs a bonnet…or several! Bonnets are for boys and girls and necessary for all year round. They keep the baby’s body temperature regulated, warm while still looking well groomed and charming!