Where to Get a Bris Outfit for My Baby

by Mark Jacobovits

Where to Get a Bris Outfit

You don’t often have much time to plan a Bris, given that it is traditionally held eight days after a Jewish baby boy is born. Because of this, where you get your baby’s Bris outfit matters. Here are your options.

What to Consider When Buying a Bris Outfit

Bris is the ceremony for circumcision in the Jewish tradition. It has many associated rituals and rules, but surprisingly little guidance when it comes to outfits. Essentially, the only requirements are that the child is in something that keeps them warm and allows easy access by the mohel, the person who performs the procedure. 

So, there aren’t any traditional requirements, but you should be careful to select an outfit that you like and that you can easily move around your baby. If you’re ordering it online, you’ll also want to ensure that it has plenty of time to arrive before the ceremony. If you’re getting the clothes from a local source, you’ll want to make sure you have time to pick them up.

Where to Get a Bris Outfit

There are a few options for getting Bris outfits.

  • Local baby stores will have cute, practical options for your baby to wear. You don’t have to get something that’s specifically designed for Bris – any nice outfit will work!
  • Hand-me-downs from friends or family are a good option if you’re looking for something more economical or with sentimental value. 
  • Online clothing boutiques are good if you don’t have local options available or have a very specific style in mind. Remember to check shipping times before you order.

Carriage Boutique’s Bris Collection

If you do decide to give online shopping a try, why not try Carriage Boutique? We have a lovely selection of classic Bris outfits designed with the occasion in mind, including gift sets for the other important children in your life. You can find the collection of Bris outfits here.

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