Bris Ceremony: What Is It and How to Dress Up Your Baby

by Mark Jacobovits
Bris: How Do I Dress My Baby for the Ceremony

What is a Bris?

The Bris ceremony, also known as Brit Milah in Hebrew, is a Jewish religious ritual that involves the circumcision of a male infant on the 8th day of his life. It is one of the most fundamental rites in Judaism and is considered a covenant between God and the Jewish people, symbolizing the covenant made between God and Abraham, according to the Hebrew Bible.

During the Bris ceremony, a mohel, a person trained in the Jewish ritual of circumcision, performs the circumcision according to Jewish law. The ceremony usually takes place in the presence of family and friends, and it often includes prayers, blessings, and the naming of the baby. After the circumcision, there is typically a festive meal to celebrate the occasion.

The Bris ceremony is an important and joyous event in Jewish tradition, marking the entry of the male child into the covenant of Abraham and the Jewish community. It is considered a time of great celebration and blessing for the family.

The Bris Ceremony Includes the Official Naming of the Baby

The Bris, or Brit Milah, is not only a time for the traditional Jewish rite of circumcision but also serves as the moment when the baby boy is given his Hebrew name.

This name carries significant cultural and religious importance, often chosen to honor a loved one or to reflect a particular virtue.

The naming is an integral part of the ceremony, symbolizing the baby's entry into the Jewish community and his connection to preceding generations.

What Does the Mohel Do with the Foreskin?

What Does the Mohel Do with the Foreskin

The mohel is a Jewish religious figure who performs the ritual of Brit Milah, or circumcision. The mohel removes the foreskin from the baby's penis and then seals the wound with Sutures.

After the procedure, the mohel will usually dress the baby in a white gown and wrap him in a tallit, or prayer shawl. The baby will then be presented to his father, who will bless him. The bris ceremony usually takes place in the synagogue but can also be held at home or in a hospital.

Festive Meal to Celebrate the Occasion

Following the circumcision performed during the Bris, it is customary to host a celebratory meal known as a Seudat Mitzvah. This festive gathering is an expression of joy and gratitude, bringing family and friends together to honor the baby boy's entry into the covenant of Abraham and to celebrate this significant milestone in his life. The meal is also an opportunity for the community to welcome the newest member and to share in the family's happiness. ️

Here’s what you need to know about dressing your baby for Bris. 

What to Wear to a Bris Ceremony for Attendees?

Assuming you are not the mother or father of the baby, it is perfectly acceptable to dress relatively conservatively for a bris ceremony. Many people choose to wear clothing that they would wear to church, such as slacks and a button-down shirt for men, or a skirt and blouse for women.

It is also important to remember that this is a religious ceremony, so it is best to avoid anything too revealing or casual.

Bris Outfit for Your Baby

When choosing a Bris outfit for your baby, you’ll first and foremost want to consider its practical purpose: to keep your baby warm and keep out of the mohel’s way when they are performing the circumcision. 

Because of this, it’s best to have something that your baby can keep on during the entire process, but which allows easy access through an opening or snap closure.

Options for Bris

There are three main options you can go for to dress your baby for Bris.

  • A clean and decorative onesie with a snap closure at the bottom makes for a practical, comfortable, and reusable outfit. 
  • A sleep sack with either a fully open or snap open bottom is perfect for cooler times of year, as it’ll keep your baby nice and warm.
  • A Christening gown, as long as it has no cross embroidery, can be repurposed as a Bris gown if you want your baby to be a little more dressed up in something special.

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