What Is A Bris Ceremony?

by Mark Jacobovits
What Is a Bris Ceremony?

One of the many celebrations in the Jewish community is called a bris, which is the ceremony of a baby boy’s circumcision. The word "bris" comes from the Hebrew root meaning "to cut." Bris ceremonies are an ancient tradition and are mentioned in the Bible.

Circumcision was originally performed as a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham and his descendants (Genesis 17:9-14). Today, many parents choose to have their sons circumcised as a way to connect with their Jewish heritage and traditions.

When Does a Bris Occur?

The bris ceremony is performed on newborn baby boys and is generally done when the child is 8 days old. This is because in the bible, Abraham performed a circumcision on his son, Isaac, on his eighth day of life. 

The ceremony usually takes place in the home of the baby's parents, or occasionally in a synagogue. A mohel, who is a trained circumciser, performs the circumcision. Afterward, a celebratory meal is often held.

How Is a Bris Celebrated?

The ceremony is typically accompanied by traditional prayers and blessings and a special meal. The bris feast should include some sort of wine or grape juice and bread, but the menu is pretty open.

Gifts are not necessary but may be given at a bris. Clothing, toys, and blankets are all great gift ideas. Carriage Boutique has a great selection of baby gifts that will be sure to please.

What To Wear To A Bris

If you are the family or an invitee of a bris celebration, you can dress in business casual, formal, or attire that would be suitable for religious services. Men can wear a suit or business casual wear, while women can’t go wrong with a nice dress or skirt suit.

The celebrated baby boy should be dressed comfortably and practically. Read more about how to dress your baby for a bris, or go ahead and explore Carriage Boutique’s line of classic bris outfits.


It's easy to see why a bris ceremony is such an important milestone in the life of any Jewish family. It celebrates the arrival of a new life into the world and helps establish an everlasting bond between father and son. This special day is both meaningful and joyous, although it can be intense for parents who are not accustomed to facing their fears head on.

The trust that accompanies this religious tradition should drive anyone through with confidence, understanding, and love. With assistance from expert mohelim, families can rest assured that they will have a safe and celebratory ceremony honoring their newborn boy or girl!

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