Best Boy’s Baptism Attire: Traditional Gown or Casual?

by Mark Jacobovits
Best Boy’s Baptism Attire: Traditional Gown or Casual?

For the last several hundred years baby boys have worn traditional white gowns for their baptism at their christening. That tradition has been changing for the last few decades and if you’re younger and have been to a few baptisms in your life, you may have never even seen a traditional white gown.

Today, it has become very common for fathers to dress their baby boys in a christening outfit, such as white pants and a shirt or otherwise a romper.

Choosing whether to go with the traditional baptism gown or the more modern baptism outfit can feel like a big decision. To help make that decision easier, there is now an option that accomplishes both.

Pebble Stitch Christening Gown with Removable Skirt - Baptism Outfit

Introducing the Pebble Stitch Christening Gown with Removable Skirt. Let not your decision-making skills be called into question any longer.

This one-of-a-kind outfit and gown combo may just be the perfect choice for your baby’s big day, from start to finish. Dress your little one in the full-skirted gown and matching knit bonnet for the formal ceremony—then unbutton the skirt to reveal an adorable footed bodysuit for the afterparty.

Many parents today are choosing this dual-purpose combination and for several reasons. Fathers feel that it is more masculine apparel for their baby boys, yet they can still enjoy the religious tradition of the gown. Aside from the masculinity it affords, it also results in a greater variety for the photos taken at the ceremony versus the post-ceremony celebration and it is simply more practical.

Not sure if you want to go with a boy’s baptism gown or boy’s baptism outfit? This may be just what you’ve been looking for. Learn more here.

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