Baby Baptism Outfits: The Growing Popularity of Stitched Gold and Silver Crosses

by Mark Jacobovits
Baby Baptism Outfits: The Growing Popularity of Stitched Gold and Silver Crosses

Baptism outfits may be the last thing that comes to mind when you think of fashion and style. Like all other industries and areas of fashion, trends and changes in christening outfits should be considered when trying to decide on the perfect baptism outfit or dress for your baby. One of the more recent trends in this area is the inclusion of a gold or silver cross stitched into the baby’s baptism outfit.

Why are we seeing this trend in christening outfits? Here are three things helping propel this increasingly popular style.

Contemporary Style

As with everyday fashion-trends, things tend to change over time and often are a result of forces beyond our awareness. Mothers are choosing gold and silver crosses on their baptism outfit selection simply because they represent a very contemporary style and help ensure a fresh up-to-date look, which is important, especially for many young mothers.

More Photogenic

Another reason parents are choosing the gold and silver cross stitching for their child’s baptism outfit is that it is simply a feature of the attire that looks well in photographs. Outfits are traditionally white, and this feature helps make the photo more visually appealing as gold and silver contrast nicely with an all-white outfit.

Your child’s baptism will be one of the most photographed events in their life and a beautiful and stylish baby’s baptism outfit that stands out with this type of intricate stitching will surely make for great photos.

Devotion to the Ceremony

A cross is both appropriate for the occasion and a symbol of devotion. While the outfit is specific to the ceremony itself, adorning it with the symbolism of the cross helps increase the religious significance and tone of the momentous event.


The growing popularity of stitched gold and silver crosses is a lovely trend in baby baptism outfits. It's a classic look that can be handed down for generations, and it's a beautiful way to commemorate your child's special day.

If you're looking for something unique and timeless, consider having a gold or silver cross stitched onto your baby's baptism outfit.

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