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Back to School- Picture Perfect!

Mark Jacobovits

Posted on September 18 2017

Back to school - Preparing our kids for success!

The beginning of the school year embraces so many emotions in the Mom in us. Our little ones growing a year older, their independence makes us tear when we send them off on their first day.  We snap hundreds of pictures of them doing every cute expression because our intellect knows, it goes by too fast.  Our prayer is to prepare our children for their little world the best we possibly can. 

Besides our Mom duties, we have other roles that we are constantly balancing as well.  The new school year brings for us new routine, new carpool lines, new work environments, and more tasks to accomplish in what seems like never enough hours in the day.  We realize we need to be fast, efficient, and smart in order to get it all done. 

One way that I save time is by shopping online for the clothing I put my children in and by only buying from companies I know are durable, wash well, and will last.  Besides, I love when my kids are picture-ready and I don’t need to spend my time deleting my photos at night when I zoom in and realize it was not so picturesque.  (Am I the only one who does that?)  The good news is we are in this together, we have resources at our fingertips, and plus, there is always free shipping. :)


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